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Our Experience

Proven Fractional Success

Nearly 20 years ago we were asked by a developer in Portugal to construct a legal mechanism which would facilitate the sale of fractional products on their resorts. After nearly 4 years of successful operation it was decided that the product, and most importantly the back-office automated systems which make it all work, were robust and ready to be rolled out to other developers and territories.

FOC’s fractional systems were amongst the very first to be widely implemented in Europe with developments in Portugal, France, the UK, Cape Verde, Turkey and France.

More widely, projects are live in Florida and in development in the Far East and Asia.

That our systems generated interest from developers in the USA (the birthplace of fractional ownership) was testament to the fact that we’d created something quite unique – not necessarily in what it achieves, but in the way it achieves it, its flexibility and its ease of implementation and use for owners and developers alike.